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Every diamond has its own story

Pure Green Diamond 嚴選每顆純淨裸石(Pure Green)的質量, 獨一無二的鑽石、搭配時尚設計,以“科技、環保、平價”的產品特性, 讓每個人都能輕鬆的擁有鑽石,傳遞真誠摯愛的能量。


Pure Green Diamond cautiously selects the quality of each loose diamond (Pure Green), unique fashion and popular design with the product characteristics of "technology, environmental protection, and affordability ". Every person can easily own diamonds with the true energy of love.

Pure Stone Diamond Inc.(PSD) 於 2019 年創立於美國加州, 企業核心商品是培育鑽石(lab-grown diamond),Pure Green Diamond (PGD)為 PSD 旗下的培育鑽石專屬品牌。 品牌創立之前,PSD 的合作夥伴在全球已有超過 30 年鑽石銷售經驗, 我們看好培育鑽石產業的未來發展,因此積極投入。

同時,PGD 也於 2019 年正式成為 IGDA(國際培育鑽石協會)會員, 遵守道德的行業標準、提供顧客最真實的培育鑽石知識。

Pure Stone Diamond Inc. (PSD) was established in Los Angeles in 2019 and Pure Green Diamond (PGD) is the exclusive diamond brand under PSD. We specialize in lab grown diamonds and our professional team has more than 30 years of diamond marketing experiences globally.

We are confident about the future growth of lab-grown diamonds industry, and are actively investing in the market.
PGD officially became a member of IGDA (International Cultivated Diamond Association) in 2019 complying with ethical industry standards and providing customers with the most authentic knowledge of lab-grown diamonds.