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Return Policy

Thank you for purchasing Pure Green Diamond products. In order to protect the rights and interests for consumers, Pure Green Diamond provides a 7-10 days product appreciation period in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law. Please be advised that the appreciation period is not a trial period, if you need to return or exchange the goods, please read the following notices for return and exchange, and contact our customer service as soon as possible, we will arrange someone to serve you.

Customers who apply for return or exchange must contact us via email box (service@puregreendiamond.com )within 10 days after receiving the product. Overdue will not be accepted. When we receive your return or exchange request, we will reply to you within the customer service working hours. and will deal with follow-up matters as soon as possible. Please notice the following matters:1. The period of 7-10 days is for an appreciation but not for a trial. Please keep the jewelry no traces of wearing and use. If any damage occurs, we will not accept return or exchange. Thanks for your understanding.

2. How to define the appreciation period: for example, an order is placed on Jan. 1, please apply for
return and exchange before Jan. 10 (included), and so on.

3. Please keep the product in its "new and unused" status and original package (including the main part of the purchased product, accessories, inner box, outer box, gifts, etc.). For sake of witness of products delivery and packing details, our company will video record/file the process of package, thus please be sure to maintain the integrity of the product and package when returning or exchanging the product.

4. Please return the attached invoice which is issued at the time of purchase. If the invoice is lost, Pure Green Diamond has the right to refuse the return or exchange.

5. Customized products do not accept return and exchange services except for defective or products
that have been sent incorrectly.

6. Since earrings are personal items, there is concern of hygiene issue, we do not provide the service
of return and exchange except for defective or mis-delivered products.

7. The color of the product image will be slightly different due to the difference in a computerized
image. The actual color of the product is subject to the real item.

8. When you submit a return application, meaning you agree to our return policy and accept us to
be on your behalf to handle invoice invalidation and related follow-up process.

9. To protect your rights and interests, you take photos of the appearance of the goods returned or
exchanged, and video record the process of the outer box sealing to facilitate future queries.

10. The logistics fee and insurance premiums for first delivery of every new order within our company's all products on web site will be borne by the company. However, due to cost concern, all round-trip logistics cost and insurance premiums incurred by customers who need to return or exchange will be borne by customers.

11. If the 7-10 days appreciation period is exceeded, we will not accept the application of product return/exchange. Thanks for your understanding.

1. It is not recommended to wear jewelry/diamond when taking a bath, soaking in hot springs or
doing intense activities.

2. Diamonds have a cleavage direction (split direction). Although the diamond is very hard, a violent impact with the wrong angle may still cause the diamond to chip. Therefore, before engaging in activities that may damage the jewelry, you should remove the jewelry you are wearing.

Email for Customer Service: service@puregreendiamond.com
Official Web Site: https://www.puregreen-diamond.com